Demaries Creations

Cake Consultation

Cake Consultations

Looking for an unforgettable cake to top off your next event? We offer free wedding cake consultations. These are conducted by appointment only.

What to Bring for your Consultation:

  • Color Swatches
  • Invitations
  • Cake Images
  • List of Ideas
  • Inspiration
Demaries Creations
Demaries Creations


We offer basic flavors which can be improvised according to your needs.

  • Vanilla
  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Carrot
  • Red/blue Velvet
  • Chocolate

Meet the lady behind the cakes

Demaries Creations

Mary (Demaries) Mathebula

Our approach is ‘if the client wants it, we will do it’ and we pride ourselves in producing stunning cakes, which also taste great on the inside. We work from home and everything is done from scratch in our kitchen using quality ingredients. We also sell scones and biscuits in bulk. We like keeping up with the trends and will take up any challenge given to us.

Customer Review

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"Hi Mary, thank you so much for the cake. It was just too tasty and soooooo fresh, everyone enjoyed it. My eating clean, down the drain 😢 it was just too worth it!”


"Thanks for the cake. I couldn't take a bite becauae the teachers finishes it all becauae it so nice. They were asking where I bought it because they have never tested a cake so yummy. Keep up the good work. I will definitely refer people to you.”

Dikeledi (Dichrimo Events)

I want to compliment one of your excellent Demaries Creations. You go to great lengths to help your clients and give the most professional services I have always received quality cakes at your service. Such service builds great working relationships.